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The First Ride Experience is an interactive and hands on event, comprised of both classroom and on-board presentations and a short School Bus ride, which introduces both new kindergarten students and their parents to School Bus safety rules and procedures. The student portion of the Experience is geared directly to the age and maturity level of new kindergarten students. The First Ride Experience was developed with a keen awareness that parents play a vital role in the provision of a safe School Bus ride for their children; this event provides an opportunity for parents to pose questions and discuss any concerns.


The presenter will arrive an hour before the designated event start time to answer and questions that the teacher might have and to complete set-up tasks. A variety of activity centres will be set up in the kindergarten classroom. One centre will include 20 to 30 toy School Buses and many small toy people. Another centre, of four large play School Bus tents, will set up if sufficient space is available. Several quiet, interactive, centres will consist of School Bus puzzles, books and small hand puppets. A cut and paste centre, a stamping centre and a colouring centre, will also be available for the students. These centres will be available for the kindergarten students and parents to explore as they arrive, and after the classroom presentation.

The classroom presentation will include interaction with a very lively puppet named Rebecca who talks to the students about the reasons for this event, and how she is excited to ride the School Bus. School Bus Safety rules are discussed using brightly coloured story boards. A short game of "School Bus Driver Says" (like Simon Says) allows the students a few minutes break to stretch and move before the next segment begins. In this segment a toy School Bus and toy people will be used to demonstrate proper behaviour while waiting, boarding and crossing in front* of the School Bus.

The videos "Winnie the Poo's School Bus Adventure", and "A Safe School Bus Ride, It all begins with you" will be presented to students and parents respectively.

After a short break, the event will move outside to a School School Bus that is parked in a safe location. During this segment the students will practice waiting, boarding and sitting. The School Bus will travel along a short pre-determined route with both students and parents on board. The School Bus will return to the school. Students and parents will cross in front* of the School Bus and the Presenter will speak about "safe spots". An emergency evacuation drill will be explained in age appropriate detail and then the students will participate in a practice evacuation. It is recommended that the parents follow the students and participate in assisting with the emergency evacuation.


Safely on Board requires 2 1/2 hours of time to complete the event, broken down as follows:



Approx. time req'd (minutes)

Explore Centres


Classroom Presentation




Break/prepare for outside


Walk Around & Boarding


Bus Ride


Evacuation Drill


Conclusion, open discussion, etc





Underlying Philosophy

It is important to note that of all School Bus safety related mishaps, there is a higher rate involving students under the age of 7 than any other age group. Safely on Board is pleased to offer this interactive safety event to your school. It is the goal of this event to start young students off on the right foot.



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